Why Hire Illini?

Hire Illini

Illinois is changing the world. Our innovative spirit and pioneering research tackle global problems and expands the human experience. Our students thrive on transformative learning experiences that drive them to make significant societal impact.

Why I Hire Illinois

I am a huge fan of hiring students from Illinois – not only because I graduated from the prestigious LER program but also because of the exceptional caliber of students!  While recruiting HR talent for over 20 years, I have always had tremendous success with the students from Illinois and have had the pleasure to watch their significant achievements once they joined our company.  Their course curriculum, coupled with their work experiences, lead them to very satisfying careers where they can demonstrate their passion to be a thought leader, continuously improve, and drive for results!  The outstanding staff and professors also make recruiting from Illinois very enjoyable as they bend over backwards to meet the needs of the recruiting companies and ensure that the companies and students have a great experience.

-Kim Warmbier, Dean Foods


Illinois is a school that consistently delivers a quality candidate. My last interview scheduled was completely booked and I passed on every student to the next round of interviews. That is highly uncommon. The U of I graduates students with career readiness that is hard to find in today’s graduates.

-Felicia McKinney, University Recruiting Manager, CDW


The University of Illinois career center does an excellent job of flexing for their employers maximizing our campus exposure allowing us to identify the best talent for our organization.

-Troy Steece
Campus Sr. Manager | PepsiCo Global Talent Acquisition


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