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The Campus Career Services Community

The University of Illinois has a decentralized career services structure. There are many career offices on campus which serve Illinois students and employers. Some serve students from across campus, some are college specific, while others are department based. Based on your needs, it may benefit you to work with more than one office. The career services offices will work together to make recruiting students from different disciplines or programs as easy as possible. View the Career Services Office Directory for contact information for career service offices that can help you.


The Career Services mission includes:

  • Providing a framework for development of relevant policy for career services member offices and the university as a whole.
  • Sharing information of common interest among network members and collaborating for the common good.
  • Collecting and disseminating information about services, campus events, policies and procedures that impact and serve students, alumni and employers who use the career services network.
  • Monitoring enrollment, employment patterns and graduate and professional school admission trends that member offices and the university may respond to with appropriate career services, educational programs and individual assistance.

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