Historical Summary of Career Services Council, Coordinating Committee on Career Planning and Placement, and Coordinating Placement Network Chairs

Career Services Council
2017-18 Jean Drasgow ACES
2016-17 Alexis Thompson Graduate College
2015-16 Kim Surles Business
2014-15 Jessica Leach/Hogue Media
2013-14 Karen Bender Corporate Relations
2012-13 Amy Fruehling Business
2011-12 Rebecca Bryant Graduate College
2010-11 Susan McKenna O.M.S.A.
2009-10 Patricia Simpson Chemical Sciences
2008-09 Sarah Zehr Engineering
2007-08 Matthew Nuese Business
2006-07 Susann Heft D.R.E.S
2005-06 Jennifer M. Neef A.C.E.S
2004-05 Nell Madigan Labor & Industrial Relations
2003-04 Steven R. Hall Advertising
2002-03 Debe Williams Chemical Sciences
2001-02 Kathleen Brinkmann Biotechnology


Coordinating Committee on Career Planning and Placement
2000-01 Alison Barber Bell Housing Division
1999-2000 Chuck Olson Agric, Consumer & Environ.
1998-99 Richard Coddington Engineering
1997-98 Susan Sands Labor & IndustrialRelations
1996-97 Dana Ewell Journalism
1995-96 Curt McKay Library & Info.Science
1994-95 Paul Riegel Chancellor’s Office
1993-94 Warren Wessels Agriculture
1992-93 Lois Meerdink Commerce
1991-92 Ruth Wene Life Sciences
1990-91 Glenn Sacconne Aviation
1989-90 Warren Wessels Agriculture
1988-89 Mildred Trent Education
1987-88 Becky Simon Chemistry
1986-87 Janet Eakman Labor & Industrial Relations
1985-86 Bob Mosborg Engineering
1984-85 Warren Wessels Agriculture
1983-84 Nancy Bailey Life Sciences
1982-83 Nancy Bailey Life Sciences
1981-82 J. William Paquette Commerce
1980-81 Jan Kilby Education
1979-80 Dave Opperman Engineering
1978-79 Paul Riegel Chancellor’s Office
1977-78 Paul Riegel Chancellor’s Office
1976-77 Paul Riegel Chancellor’s Office
1975-76 Paul Riegel Chancellor’s Office


Coordinating Placement Network
1973-74 Warren Wessels Agriculture
1972-73 John L. Johnson Commerce
1971-72 John L. Johnson Commerce
1970-71 Tom McGreal Education
1969-70 John L. Johnson Commerce
1968-69 William McPherson Labor & IndustrialRelations
1967-68 Marlow Slater Education
1966-67 Marlow Slater Education
1965-66 John L. Johnson Commerce
1964-65 John L. Johnson Commerce
1963-64 Warren Wessels Agriculture
1962-63 Warren Wessels Agriculture
1961-62 John L. Johnson Commerce
1960-61 Paul Shaffer Geology
1959-60 Marlow Slater Education
1958-59 Marlow Slater Education
1957-58 Herbert Sharp Agriculture
1956-57 Thomas Page Inst. of Govt/Poly Sci.
1955-56 Thomas Page Inst. of Govt/Poly Sci.
1954-55 Wendell Miller Engineering


Committee Secretaries
2003- Present The Career Center, Director, Gail Rooney
1972-2003 The Career Center, Director, David Bechtel
1958-72 Asst. Dean of Students, Gerald W. Peck
1955-58 Coordinating Placement Officer, Robert Calvert, Sr.
1954-55 Dean of Students, Fred Turner
University Placement Bureau existed prior to 1954, Hal Dawson, Director; Founder of MCPA, Midwest College Placement Association


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